Planet Labs, Inc.


Planet Labs, Inc. specializes in providing up-to-date satellite imagery of Earth, with 200+ satellites providing high-resolution imagery daily.

AI4SA obtained a UCR Campus License through the year 2025 to utilize Planet Labs, Inc. imaging as part of their research project "Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Water, Nutrient, Salinity, and Pest Management in the Western U.S." Access to the Campus License is funded by NIFA-AFRI Sustainable Agricultural Systems.

The Campus License includes access to the Planetscope and RapidEye Imagery, with resolution ranging from 3.7 m to 5 m, daily frequency, and with archived imagery dating back to 2009.

UCR campus faculty, academic researchers, postdocs, and students can request access to use Planet Labs, Inc. satellite imagery for educational and/or research purposes.

How to Request Access

To request access to the License, please send an email using your UCR email address to, and we will provide all UCR email address holders with the request form.


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